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About the domro.ru project
About the domro.ru project


Domro.ru – home  •  design  •  renovation  •  interior •  lifestyle

Welcome to the pages of the Internet portal Domro.ru! If you are visiting our website, that means you are considering the question of refurbishing your city apartment or country house. Are you in search of original solutions? Or, perhaps, you are ready to share your own successfully implemented ideas? Do you want to know where to purchase the very best for your house? Or are you a successful company or entrepreneur, eager to implement that «very best»? The Domro.ru project can help you!
Only we will have merchandise and services catalogues of different companies specializing in home renovation and refurbishment, professional master–classes, user advice and reviews collected on one website, and much more. Be up to date with the latest news in the world of convenience and comfort.

Wherever we are, however far fate brings us, we always return home. Only at home can we really rest and relax, not only changing a dress suit for a comfortable house robe, but also taking off all the «social masks». There is a saying «There’s no place like home» – indeed, where else rather than home can one recharge and find strength for the body and soul?
Lucky is he who can say: «My home is my castle». Confidence, calm, peace – those are the qualities the home must give to its owner. And it will give the for sure, if the owner initially puts his soul and individuality into its construction and development.
A human’s appearance is the mirror of his inner qualities, and the atmosphere in the home is a reflection of its inhabitants. This is why the furnishing of the home is not only a question of convenience and functionality, but also of comfort and aesthetics. It does not require spending colossal amounts of money. Even modest decoration can show exquisite taste. So how can one create one’s own reliable «castle», make one’s home modern, cozy and dear? Answering this and all related questions is the task of our portal!

Do you want to attract more attention? Raise your sales? Find new business partners? You have an excellent opportunity to place information about your company, its merchandise and services, price–lists, photo and video material in the Domro.ru catalogue absolutely free of charge. The user–friendly website interface will allow you do this without any trouble. In this way you will have your own professional mini–website for free, and our IT specialists will be tasked with its support and advancement.
In the news section of the portal you can publish your company news, as well as place overviews of new merchandise and services on the website pages. In the «Master–class» section you can use concrete examples to show the technical application of your produce and its service instructions, or made design–projects presentations. In other words, you can use this section to present anything that can interest your potential clients and business partners in the field of design, renovation and refurbishing of a modern home.

We address our offer to all domestic and foreign companies and entrepreneurs, whose business interests sphere overlaps with one or several sections in the products and services catalogue. The sections of the catalogue (subject heading list) are comprised of several subsections for a quicker and easier information search by the website users. The list of the sections and subsections of the subject heading list is not complete and final. As necessary, it will be changed and supplemented. If you haven’t found a section in the current list that matches your company’s field of operation, that, in your opinion, relates to «Home – renovation and refurbishing» or «Home. Design. Renovation. Interior. Lifestyle», please send a well-reasoned suggestion to expand the subject heading list to the e-mail address Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript

How do we work? We do our favorite job, so we work professionally and with pleasure. We have more than twelve years of experience in creating successful internet projects, which allows us to guarantee a fruitful partnership. We are happy to welcome new business partners!

With regards, the Domro.ru team

Domro.ru – you're in good company!


We are happy to welcome you to the website www.domro.ru! The Internet–portal, containing presentations and catalogues of the newest merchandise and services from leading companies and entrepreneurs, professional interviews and master–classes, user reviews, as well as other sections, will help you create a modern and comfortable home. www.domro.ru is a website for those who want to be up to date with the latest news and innovation technologies, find a solution to every problem relating to home renovation and furnishing, as well as exchange experience with those who value comfort in their city apartment or country house.

Using the Website is possible only on the terms, specified in the present User Agreement. If you do not agree to the terms, you should immediately cease using the Website. Using the website indicates that you agree to the terms of the present User Agreement.

To prevent contradiction, all the terms and definitions used in the present User Agreement correspond to the terms and definitions set in the «Terms and Definitions» section. Any terms and definitions used in the Agreement and not represented in the «Terms and Definitions» section will be interpreted according to the meaning implied in the text of the User Agreement. In case of any contradiction concerning the interpretation of a term and/or definition used in the User Agreement, the Website Administration will define which interpretation will apply.

Terms and Definitions

Website — — Internet–resource, located in the World Wide Web with the address www.domro.ru. Depending on the context, the Website can also relate to the Site’s software, design (graphic appearance), Database, any of its sections («Online shop», «Merchandise and services catalogue», «Master–class» etc.) or subsections, as well as information published on the Website by the Website Administration.

User — a person who is not registered on the Website, but has access to the Website and/or uses, and/or has used it. Any person accessing the Website there by automatically confirms that they completely agree with all the items of the User Agreement, and that they are subject to all the demands determined in the User Agreement.

Registered User — a User, who has passed registration, received a personal login and password and who has their own Profile.

User Profile/Profile — a special subsection of the Website, which holds personal information about a registered User, as well as other information, that can only be placed by that User. Any User can have only one Profile.

Information — any data, messages, facts irrespective of their form of presentation, which is placed on the Website by the User, including: User personal information, links to other websites, any text messages, photographs (images), audio and/or video files, computer programs and other files.

Personal Information — any information relating to a particular User or defining a registered User based on this data, including:
– Name, family name, patronymic;
– Address and other information (see FL-152, Article 3).

Database — an objective form of presenting and organizing cumulative data, systemized in such an order, so that this data can be found and processed by the Website’s hardware–software and technical assets.

Spam — mailings that are by nature mass, unsanctioned and/or unexpected by the receiver, such as advertising, information, propaganda and others.

1. Subject matter and general provisions of the User Agreement

The present User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as Agreement) sets the rules and conditions of using the Website and placing Information on the Website.

Access to the Website, using the Website and/or conducting any other activities on the Website by the User means that the User accepts and is obligated to observe all the conditions of the present Agreement.

The present Agreement can be changed by the Website Administration at any time without any special notification. The new version of the Agreement comes into effect from the time of its being published on the Website, if not otherwise specified in the new version of the Agreement. The effective version of the Agreement is always located on the Internet page with the address www.domro.ru/aboutprojects.html.

2. Website registration

In order to gain access to all the Website’s resources, the User has to pass the Website registration procedure by filling in a registration form and thereby submitting their personal information to the Website Administration in electronic form. After registration the User becomes a Registered User, receives a personal login and password to access all the Website resources.

When registering, the User is obligated to provide accurate Information about himself in the registration form and maintain this Information on the website up to date.

If the Website Administration has cause to believe that Information provided by the User is inaccurate, violates the terms of the present Agreement or that the person is using another’s personal information, the Website Administration has the right to suspend or revoke the User’s registration, bar full access to all or several of the Website’s resources and/or delete the User’s profile.

3. Website Authorization

The personal login and password of a registered User, required for authorization on the Website, are intended only for that particular registered User.

The User is obligated not to disclose or give away their login and password to third parties, as well as make all necessary efforts to make their login and password unavailable to third parties. The personal login and password allow access to those sections of the Website that are available only to registered Users, as well as the personal Website pages intended only for that particular User.

If another person, apart from the User, passes authorization on the Website with the User’s login and password, all actions conducted by that person are considered to be conducted by the User. The User bears responsibility for all actions conducted by them on the Website, as well as all actions conducted on the Website by any other person using the User’s login and password.

The User bears responsibility for the safety of their password and all the consequences that may arise from its unsanctioned and/or other use. The Website Administration is not responsible for the possible loss or corruption of data that may occur from the User’s violation of this article of the present Agreement.

4. User personal information. Personal information confidentiality

Information provided by the User:
When registering on the Website the User has to provide the following Personal information: Name, Family Name, e-mail address, password for accessing the Website.
While making an order through the Website the User can also provide the following information: Name, Family Name, Patronymic, order delivery address, contact phone number.

When placing their personal information on the Website, the User confirms that they do so voluntarily and consciously, and that they give the Website Administration the right to process Personal Information. The processing of User personal information in conducted only for Website functioning purposes and so that the Website Administration can fulfill its obligations before the User: selling merchandise, providing services and reference information, as well as promoting merchandise, work and services. In itself, the processing of personal information by the Website cannot entail any negative consequences for the User.

The User personal information is processed by the Website Administration throughout the period of its placement on the Website. If the personal information placed on the Website or the User Profile is removed, the Website Administration ceases its processing. However, the Website Administration has the right to save an archive copy of the abovementioned User information for an indefinite term. While processing User personal information the Website Administration follows the Federal Law «On personal Information». If the User does not agree to the abovementioned terms, they must immediately delete their Profile and use the Website only as an unregistered User.

The user is obligated not to place other people’s information on the Website and not to use other Users’ personal information in any way that does not comply with the terms of the legislation of the Russian Federation, for wrongful or illegal purposes, to exact profit, or any other purposes not conforming to the purposes of creating the Website.

Using information provided by the User and received by the Website Administration:
The Website Administration uses the Personal information provided by the User during the whole term of the User’s registration on the Website in order to:
– register or authorize the User on the Website;
– process the User’s orders and fulfill its obligations before the User;
– analyze the purchasing specialties of the User and provide personalized recommendations.

Providing and sharing information received by the Website Administration:
1. The Website Administration is obligated not to share Personal information received from the User with third parties. It is not considered a violation if the Website Administration shares the information with agents and third parties acting on the basis of a contract with the Website Administration, to fulfill obligations before the User and only to enforce the contracts made with the User. It is not considered a violation to share User information in accordance with the demands of the legislation of the Russian Federation, including requestsfrom inquiry and investigation agencies.
2. The Website Administration has the right to utilize the «cookies» technology. «Cookies» do not contain confidential information and are not shared with third parties.
3. The Website Administration receives information about the ip–address of the Website www.domro.ru guest and details on the website location of the link the guest used to navigate. This information is not used to determine the identity of the User.
4. When processing personal information the Website Administration takes all necessary organizational and technical measures to protect personal information from illegal access, as well as other wrongful actions against personal information. However it cannot be ruled out that as a result of Website software malfunction, virus or hacker attacks, technical failures or other circumstances, User personal information could become available to third parties. The User understands this and agrees not to raise claims against the Website Administration.

5. Publishing Information on the Website

Publishing Information on the Website, the User guarantees that they have all the required rights for its publication. The User is obligated to confirm the existence of rights to publish Information on demand of the Administration.

When using the Website, the User is obligated not to publish on the Website and not share through the Website or with by means of the Website:
1. Slanderous, offensive Information, or Information discrediting/degrading the honour and/or dignity of third parties.
2. Information violating the legislation of the Russian Federation, containing threats or discrediting third parties.
3. Information violating the rights and third party interests that are protected by law.
4. Information violating the right of citizens to a private life and public policy.
5. Information propagandizing discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, social status, sexual orientation or other criteria.
6. Information facilitating and/or calling for changes to the constitutional system, unleashing of war, religious, racial or ethnical strife, or Information containing attempts to incite hostility and calls to violence, or infringing upon the rights of minorities.
7. Information containing pornographic material or other morality offending material.
8. Information containing extremist material.

The Website Administration only allows Users to place information on the Website and use the Website’s services. The Website Administration is not responsible for the reliability or legitimacy of Information placed on the Website by the Users.

The Website Administration does not check and has no technical or actual means to check all the Information, placed on the Website by the User, for its compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and the terms of the current Agreement, as such a check would make the Website’s functioning impossible. However the Website Administration can conduct such a check at any time at its own discretion, should a case of reasonable doubt arise.

The Website Administration can, at its own discretion, refuse to place and/or delete any Information that the User is about to place/has placed on the Website. A link to any website, product, service or any information of commercial or non-commercial nature placed on the Website by the User or as advertising, is not considered an approval or recommendation of these products (services) by the Website Administration.

Any recommendations made to the User by the Website Administration through the Website technologies are only a projection. It is possible that these recommendations do not match the actual preferences of the User, their ideas of morality, or not meet their aesthetic tastes. The Website Administration is not responsible for discrepancy between the suggested recommendations and the User’s actual preferences.

6. Using the Website

Using the Website is allowed only in compliance with the present Agreement and only by means provided for by the Website’s technical assets.

The Website Administration is a legal rightholder and possesses all the exclusive property and other relevant rights to the Website, including but not limited to the above, as well as Information published on the Website by the Administration, the Website’s software support, graphics, design and Database.

Any Information placed on the Website by the User belongs to that respective User, or the relevant third party. When placing Information on the Website, the User confirms that they have all the necessary rights and authorities, and also the User agrees that this Information will become available to all the Website Users.

Placing Information on the Website, the User automatically and freely, unconditionally and irrevocably gives the Website Administration the non-exceptional rights to use this Information at the discretion of the Website Administration, including but not limited to reproduction, copying, selection, systematization, transformation, alteration, editing, translation, publishing and distribution of this Information (fully or in part) by any legal method. In addition, when placing information on the Website, the User confirms that they have the necessary rights and authorities to grant the Website Administration the abovementioned non-exceptional rights to use the shared Information.

The User does not have the right to copy, change, erase, save, download, distribute, share, sell or in any other way use the Information placed on the Website, without prior permission of the Website Administration and/or the proper rightholder. Exception is made in cases when the Information was legally placed on the Website by the User himself, as well as cases when the Website Administration and/or rightholder have clearly expressed their agreement to free usage of the Information by any party.

The User is obligated to use the Information, as well as any other information contained on the Website, only for personal non–commercial reasons, with the exception of cases when permission for other usage is granted by the Website Administration and/or the proper rightholders.

When using the Website, the User is obligated:
1. Not to distribute on the Website and/or through the Website any programs granting unsanctioned access, computer viruses or other computer codes, files or programs intended to infringe, modify, block, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer or telecommunications equipment.
2. The User is obligated not to distribute on the Website and/or through the Website serial numbers to commercial program products and programs for their generation, logins, passwords and other means to gain unsanctioned access to the Website, as well as other paid resources in the Internet.
3. Not to disturb the regular working of the Website.
4. Not to distribute and/or use any computer programs aimed at downloading (gathering), illegal sharing, copying, blocking, modifying, destroying of Information, Databases or other information from the Website, as well as bypassing the limitations set by the Website.
5. Not to place or otherwise use Information on the Website, that is protected by legislation of intellectual property, as well as other Information protected by law, without proper rights and permission from the rightholder of this Information. If a controversial situation arises, the task of proving that the Information published by the User does not violate anybody’s rights is up to the User.
6. Not to place on the Website or distribute advertising without receiving prior permission from the Website Administration.
7. Not to gather, keep, share or conduct any other actions on processing other parties’ personal information.
8. Not to place on the Website links to other Internet–resources, the content of which violates the conditions of the legislation of the Russian federation and/or the present Agreement.
9. Not to distribute on and/or through the Website spam, «chain letters», Internet–earning systems, «pyramid» schemes, multi–level marketing or e–mail businesses.
10. Not to create more than one Profile.
11. When registering on the Website, not to submit false information about themselves, not to register or conduct actions on the Website in the name of other persons actually existing or existed, not to submit information of third parties, not to use any form or means to illegally represent third parties.
12. Not to conduct any actions through the Website that are aimed at extortion or illegal acquisition of funds from other User and/or third parties.
13. Not to promote the usage or persuade to use narcotic or psychoactive substances, not to involve people into prostitution through the Website.
14. Not to assist in conducting and/or conduct through the use of the Website other wrongful or illegal actions that violate the legislation of the Russian Federation and/or the present Agreement.

7. Website functioning and responsibility for its usage

The Website Administration endeavours to provide adequate functioning of the Website on a round–the–clock basis, however, the Website Administration is not held responsible for any malfunctions of the working of the Website that may occur for any reason.

The Website Administration does not guarantee that the Information published on the Website will be available at any time and would not be deleted or lost. The Website Administration is not responsible for glitches or delays in the work of the Website, as well as for possible consequences of such glitches or delays.

The Website Administration is not responsible for possible Information leaks from the Website Database that may occur for any reason, including as a result of unsanctioned actions by third parties.

The Website Administration is not responsible for the presence of viruses on the Website, as well as the consequences of a possible attack on the User’s computer by viruses or other malicious software. The Website Administration provides the Website to the User «as is», without any additional guarantees.

The Website Administration does not compensate, is not responsible or accountable for any losses, including loss of profit, moral or other damages done to the User or third parties as a result of using the Website or in connection with the functioning of the Website, as well as in all other cases provided for in the present Agreement.

The User is personally and fully responsible for Information placed by them on the Website and/or shared with other Users or third parties through the Website, including its content and compliance with demands of the legislation of the Russian Federation, for violation of the rights of third parties to the Information published and/or shared by the User (including but not limited to author rights and/or neighbouring rights, rights to means of individualization, rights to trade secrets and other rights protected by the law). The User personally compensates any damages (including lost profit, moral or other damages) incurred by other Users, third parties or the Website Administration as a result of said violations and/or placing this Information on the Website and/or sharing this Information through the Website, as well as conducting other actions connected to the usage of the Website.

The Website Administration is not liable upon any contracts between Users and/or the User and any third party, made with the use of the Website.

The User is obligated to settle all disputes with their own resources and at their own expense, as well as adjust all claims and lawsuits from third parties, directions and demands of authorized government authorities, addressed to the User or the Website Administration in relation to the Information placed by the User on the Website. The User is also obligated to compensate all losses and costs incurred by the Website Administration in connection with such claims and lawsuits.

8. Settling disputes

The User and the Website Administration will attempt to settle all arising disputes and disagreements through negotiations. In cases when it is impossible to settle disputes and disagreements through negotiations, they are subject to be taken to the respective court at the location of the Website Administration.

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